Straubinger Reception and Azumi Launch - May 2008 (continued) :

John Hinch testing David Straubinger's silver flute
Bobby van der Watt, Jimmy Smyth, Debby Walker and Marianne Fletcher
David Straubinger assisting Nadine van Wyk with headjoint selection
Lisa Kloppers, Handri Loots and Michael Botha discussing headjoints
Sulette Victor, John Hinch, David Straubinger and Mikki Steyn
Meg Twyford, Lisa Kloppers, Handri Loots and Bobby van der Watt
Michael Botha and the girls
Denise van Dyk, David Straubinger and George Fazakas
Debby Walker and Kerry Botha - Mike Botha's PA and wife
Debby Walker, David Straubinger and Kerry Botha
Debby, Muller and Kerry
Sulette and Christiaan Victor
Leonore van der Merwe, Denise van Dyk, George Fazakas and Michael Botha
Eddie and Marie Sherrard with David Straubinger
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